Seeds of Churches: A Mapping Project

Leaving the seed of Truth to its own vitality, it propagates:  the tares cannot hinder it.
Mary Baker Eddy (Mis 111:15)

We’re grateful that todays technology allows us to keep in touch with and support each other ‘virtually’ – online! But, we’re also mindful of the importance of the institution of “Church”. Therefore, in keeping with The Manual Article 8, Section 28, entitled, “Numbering the People”, the below chart is not intended to monitor numbers of recipients, but rather to monitor where our new members and friends are located. This will enable the introduction of newcomers to existing populations, thereby assisting those interested to start new Societies and Branch Churches in their area.

“Our churches…are prolific sources of spiritual power whose intellectual, moral, and spiritual animus is felt throughout the land.”
Mary Baker Eddy (Mis 113:29)

A geo-location of JMC Newsletter recipients. The people are little red flags and the churches/societies are green:

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