Christian Science Joint Media Committee of Georgia 2019 Pledge Form

Click JMC Budget 2018 to view the JMC Proposed Budget for 2018.

Note from the Board on the 2018 Proposed Budget: It is our hope that some or all of the nine participating members of the JMC increase their pledges for 2018 as compared to 2017, and/or if some or all of the current non-member churches now join the JMC. That would result in the projected shortfall for 2018 being less than indicated in the 2018 Budget. If not, we recognize that it may be necessary for us to make some reductions in our projected expenses for 2018 – such as to eliminate maintaining Facebook pages for the non-participating churches (Savannah, Augusta, Valdosta, and Macon), and/or to reduce across the board our current ad expenses. Also, The Mother Church may move to include The Christian Science Bible Lesson in the new CSPS Radio Player, which may allow us to rely exclusively on the website as the stream provider for the Bible Lesson, thus completely eliminating any and all shortfall. We will monitor and review all options during 2018.

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